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Ripper37 with Dakin-Flathers Logo.png

Premium sawmill blades for primary processing, timber-ripping and resaw applications. Suitable for most portable sawmills and many multi-head sawmilling machines.


Unleash the true potential of your sawmill with Ripper37…

Saw37C with Dakin-Flathers Logo.png

Manufactured from an exclusively developed high carbon steel strip with unique characteristics and metallurgical properties. The steel enables blades to be produced with superior cutting performance, improved fatigue resistance and tougher, harder teeth...

Saw37B with Dakin-Flathers Logo.png

Metal cutting band saw blades with teeth made from high performance high-speed cobalt steel and backing material in alloy tempered steel. Designed for long life with excellent heat and wear resistance. Suitable for all metal cutting solutions…
Freshcut-37 with Dakin-Flathers Logo.png

Freshcut37 has been specially developed for food manufacturers who demand cutting edge components that deliver return on investment and unparalleled performance and reliability to your production processes...

RipperS with Dakin-Flathers Logo.png

Strength, performance and economy - RipperS is everything you need in an every day resaw blade.


Combining excellent durability, reliability and solid dependable performance...


Huge selection of premium cutting tools and accessories available including:

  • Hex Drivers

  • Cutting Discs

  • Lubricants

  • Abrasives

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