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Hud-Son Farm Boss Ripper37 Blades

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Get 37% More from Your Sawmill

Ripper37A New Generation of Portable Sawmill Blade…

Ripper37 gets its name from the fact that tests show it to be 37% more durable than its nearest rival; and this increase in toughness and durability means you can run Ripper37 faster, longer and harder without compromising performance.

Fitting Ripper37 blades to your sawmill means that your machines can finally reach their true performance potential. Even better - you can make big savings!

That's because you will be using a primary timber processing sawmill blade that is designed and manufactured to offer longer life, improved performance, lower maintenance and a higher return on investment.

Choosing the Correct Blade Option

Not sure which option to choose from the list? Here's the general rule of thumb for selecting the blade which will give you the best performance from your sawmill;

10 Degree Blades – for general purpose milling, these will cut 95% of all timber with ease.

7 Degree Blades – for harder or frozen timber.

Watch Ripper37 Sawmill Blade in Action...

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